Mattress - FH016 & FH039
Swans - Jesus fucking christ, words are fairly inadequate in describing what we witnessed for two hours last night. #Swans are now in a league of their own, better than they’ve ever been, an almost religious experience. All hail the volume and the fury
Freshly stuffed - our CSD tape and its two friends #sadhorse #portopia81 #conradwedde #cassettestoreday

Opening pastorally with air synths overs machined drums and keys banging Scammers proving that ‘TLC may be all I need.’ A fine album of electro pop rock, this is a cassette that is in constant rotation during cassette jockey sets. Moving from introspective to danciness, Cover You is an entirely organ-ic party album. 30 & Smokin is a favorite of mine, an ode to narcissistic nihilism, coincidentally, I picked up smoking again on my 33rd birthday.<a href=”” data-mce-href=””>Cover You by Scammers</a> Look forward to stumbling on more Phil Diamond, I seriously love the unabashed punk funk of this tape. Available from Field Hymns. -Vikram
The hits keep coming #looksrealistic #beerontherug #radness
All that’s left of the Yves Malone 3 cassette release - never to be more so grab them quick!
#lightning - zine and first 4 cassettes: #woodenwand #ohioan #cydune #peopleofthenorth So rad
Grandma Lo-Fi @hornbuckle records - so rad

» Cerberus: Scammers - Cover You


By Strauss on Jul 25 2014 image

When the dust settles and the smoke clears, 2014 may be remembered for many things, but in my mind, it will always be the year of Phil Diamond. Dude is pumping out amazing tapes at an amazing rate, and I have no idea which one deserves the most love so don’t be…

It’s never too late to enjoy winter #livingroomvisions
Now that is a fabulous thing to come home to: #orange milk . Early sorrys to the music I am not going to listen to this week
Rad art by Hiroshi for Portopia ‘81,  heading towards the plant and a cosmic birth soon…

» Yves Malone - Three Movies | Cerberus | Tiny Mix Tapes

Filled out with plenty of mod-wheel sass and some dark, mysterious beats, all three tapes deliver the suspense, intrigue, action and horror of a stone-cold whodunit. The only thing missing is the popcorn.”

» Yves Malone - Three Movies (Field Hymns Records)

Yves Malone is a musician of this world who seems to contort into a mystery. The Bern electronic artist remains as elusive as his musical style. Outrun … urban survival … neither the cause nor the solution, his music is a painted swatch of decoration; an all encompassing guide to our internal and external spheres. The chase is not about a fist-bumping 120 bpm hyperblast. It’s about hiding in the shadows. It’s about canvassing and control. The night is an experience nothing more grandeur than the seedy noir built of industrial architecture staring down on petty human cause. This is Abysscoteque.

» AdHoc Who Has Tapes Anymore? #10

Yves Malone: Three Movies (Field Hymns)
Just a heads up: there is more than plenty to digest here. 26 tracks in all, spread out over three cassettes, and each one a delectable dose of medical-grade synthesizer relief. Packaged in a tall vinyl box, Three Movies is apparently a tangible-format release of a digital-only effort from 2012 where Yves Malone decided to create soundtracks to (wait for it) three movies. AbysscotequeThe Echo People, and Zenith City to be exact. Each note, pitch slide, and tense loop is lustrous and deliberate. Whether diving into lonely tunnels of sound or plucking glitz and glow, Yves Malone is equally calculative and creative. The splashes of analog rhythms weaving through peaks and valleys of  lacquered vibrations draw easy comparisons to Carpenter/Howarth zones, but are far from carbon copies.