» Words on Sounds: German Army - 2014 cassettes (so far)

» honest bag: German Army - Tassili Plateau (FH043)

» Black Unicorn - Traced Landscapes | Cerberus | Tiny Mix Tapes

» Crate-Digging: German Army  Tassili Plateau


Origins espresso, high gravity beer & purple haze came together to make this 12 cassette 30 minute mix freeform at 2am

Tim Wenzel: White Glove FH015, Yes,Father FH010 and side-splitting motherfucker #whiteglove #timwenzel #yesfather #fieldhymns
Lazercrotch: synth genius and FH037
Mike Coykendall: lover, fighter, and FH002

» Black Unicorn - Traced Landscapes

» Black Unicorn - Traced Landscapes



The music of the Akron, OH synth shapeshifter Curt Brown, a.k.a. Black Unicorn follows the footsteps of the ultimate stars of the fertile Ohio experimental ground, Emeralds with the spacey, synth-based compositions that expand on the original kosmische ideas. While I already heard him in 2011…